Douglas Bienert Photography | Biography

"The camera is my tool. Through it I give reason to everything around me."
- André Kertész



In the famous words of Holden Caufiled, "If you really want to hear about it..."

I fell in love with photography in 1983 when I took a photography class in Grade Ten. My father bought me my first camera, the classic student camera, a Pentax K1000. I was fortunate to have been taught by a great teacher, a man we called "Mr. D." He schooled us in classic photographic theory, history, and with "master prints". It was the quality reproductions that captured my imagination and sense of wonder. We were surrounded by books of photographs by Andre Kertesz, Ansel Adams, the Westons, Imogene Cunningham, Minor White, Ruth Burnhart, Arnold Newman, and many other great photographers.

By my Senior year I was taking my third photography class, independent study, and was the yearbook editor. During a school choir trip to San Francisco that year I had the privilege to see Richard Avedon's In the American West. Between this show and reading the book My Name is Asher Lev by Chiam Potok, I was convinced that photography was to be my life long pursuit. I began to make plans to study photography at the university level.

In 1989 I graduated with honours from Spokane Falls Community College with an Associate of Science in Photography. From there I transferred to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in advertising and illustration photography.

Teaching became my next passion for seven years. I was asked to teach my old high school. I ended up taking over the programme and building it from two classes to five. In addition to the photographic classes I added classes in yearbook and publications.

I left teaching high school in 1999 to travel and pursue my photography both commercially and as a fine art.
I have continued my passion for photographic education since 2010 at the Oregon College of Arts and Crafts Art Adventure programme during Summers. I also offer private group and individual classes.

Clients Include: The Pearl Wine Shop, Basic Rights Oregon, eROI, The Parish of Saint Mark, Telemark Inc., Mimi & Madre Boutique, Richard Herrera About Hair, and Vino Paradiso.

Published in: TIME magazine, Lucky magazine, and Goldwell International's Project Glossy.