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Art Adventures Camps

To see more, is to become more."
     - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

These words were printed on a large poster which hung in the classroom of my first photography class. I would not be the photographer I am without the passionate high school teacher who introduced me to photography. He saved me from a life of star filters and sunsets. He schooled us in the classic works of the Modern era: The Westons, Andre Kertesz, Alfred Stiegletz, Imogene Cunningham, and Paul Strand. We moved onward to Minor White, Diane Arubus, and Alfred Newman.  These great artists had a profound effect on me. Then, on a school choir tour we stopped in San Fransisco in time to see Richard Avadon's magnum opus "In the American West". My life changed. Photography must always be a part of my life.

I went on to study at The Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.  After earning my B.A. from Brooks I returned to Portland, Oregon. I was asked by my former high school teacher, who temporarily stepped up as Head, to fill in and teach two classes of photography for "…six months to a year at least."

Well… I'm fresh out of college. I'm broke. I am living in my parents house. I've thought about teaching as something I'd like to pursue one day. Don't forget, you're broke. You will have a darkroom!

In the background my new Pet Shop boys CD was playing…

"When you're young you find inspiration
In anyone who's ever gone
And opened up a closing door..."

Yes. I want to try teaching!


Teaching became my passion. Seven years later  I had built a full time program teaching photography as a fine art. Students were taught the same history of master photographers, archival museum standers, Ansel Adams Zone System, and large format photography.

Since leaving full time teaching in 1991 I continue my dedication to teaching through individual and group classes.

During Summer I am working with two of my former students (who now get to boss me around) at Oregon College of Arts and Crafts in their wonderful Art Adventures camps.

"To see more, is to become more."

The camera is an amazing tool. It helps me to focus my attention on the world around me, seeing it in ever new ways. Photography keeps me questing and leads me to the the place of wonder which so many loose after childhood.  It is a means to capture and preserve fleeting "decisive moments" of beauty and meaning in life. Andre Kertesz said "The camera is my tool. Through it I give reason to everything around me."

If you are interested in seeing more and becoming more through the art of photography, join me in one of my classes. 

Some of the topics offered are:
Basic Digital SLR
Getting the most out of your point and shoot.
Basic Photoshop/Photoshop Elements for better printing.
The Black and White Tradition.
Pinhole Cameras.
Traditional film and darkroom photography.
One on one tutoring is also available.

Follow my blog and web site to see when my next photograph class will be.